Thursday, May 26, 2011

O'Brien's Saturday : LIB Festival Sunday : Colorado Next Week : Album Reviews

5/28/11: O'Brien's Pub
2941 Main St. SM, CA 90405

5/29/11: Silverado, CA: LIB Festival at 9pm
It appears to be quite the happening!
You have to go to the box office and get your wristband before getting directions to the festival.
Box office:
Santiago Canyon College
8045 E. Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92869

Next week
6/4/11: Breckenridge, CO: Three20South
6/5/11: Boulder, CO: Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery
6/8/11: Boulder, CO: Illegal Pete's
6/9/11: Denver, CO: Cervantes (The Other Side)
Plus more dates to be announced, including somewhere's Park City, Utah on 6/3 & 10.

Keep those album reviews coming. Message or facebook or tweetski or whateverskis 'em.

Here's some that we've already received.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PCB Album Reviews

Since we don't have access to a publicist or mainstream media, I am publishing heartfelt reviews that I have personally received on our new album. They mean a lot more to me than any NY Times or Pitchfork. Please keep 'em coming. Positive, negative and/or completely non-sequitur!

“Happy Muthers Day...Thx for the CD's i hate them with all my heart...i hate 'Live Once' as much as i hate 'sour grapes.' 'face in the dirt' must be a blast to do live... the year wait was worth the hate i hate them all. Luv Ya, double g” 
-- Gerri Graefe, Super Critter Sitter

"Goin' To Hell? Sounds like Hell... It sucks. Only one song is mixed right. You don't listen to anybody."
-- Paxton Pryor, (Drummer on the album and former band member who recently quit)
“My new P.C.B. favorite”
Matt Tidwell, all around miscreant and good man

“Just gave it a listen, pretty bomb bitty bomb I must say. My sister and I listen to the new album everyday while laying out...paul chesne band, pool, sunshine...I'm super blessed...
Summer Taxdahl, Tidwell’s sis

“Chez, for me, not that it means anything on any Grammy board, you've done it. When I first ever heard you, I knew you were genius. But now I know you and hear what you're producing, this is the very most honest profile of all your fabulous varied-ness that makes you wonderful that I've ever heard. Bravo, matey. Bravo! Proud to tears. Xx”
Vavine Tahapehi, Founder of Cup Cup,  and Sometime Songbird with Matt Ellis

“It's amazing...every album is unreal and trumps the last...”
Dustin Meredith, founder of the band The 99’s

“Great songs and soundscapes. It's been helping me on my emotionally tortured walks!”
Mitchell Robe, our former keyboardist of several years and great friend, and musician in his own right

“I listened to the whole album last night and was obviously quite moved by it. The whole chasm of souls on it was a lot to take and not feel in my opinion greatness and at times frailty. You’re a damned rascal and that’s what I’ve come to terms with.”  
-- Michelle Lepori, poet, bartender, and muse for the song “Wounded Bird”

“Your CD is awesome Chez. I really love it. Congrats on another work of art.”
– Photographer and songwriter Melinda Dahl of Dahlhouse Productions

“Thank you for my CD Artie Vegas! I love it. Congratulations on your 3rd full length release. I’m so proud of you.”
-- Singer/songwriter Holland Greco

“Streamed the rekkid the other day. Sounds real good. I like the spontaneous song you all made. Nice play on TCB!”
-- Singer/songwriter Elvis Perkins

PCB by Paul Chesne Band is a really good rockin' record. Just sayin.” 
-- Publicist at KG Music Press & host of the Grand Ole Echo, Kimberely Grant

"Should there not already be one in hand, very shortly after putting on a Paul Chesne CD I find a sudden urge to have a drink...

PCB encourages me to double fist.

Maybe it's because I've been listening to these songs for months at shows, parties, afterparties or random drunken wanderings, but I'll be damned if you could listen to this music and not have a good time. If liquor were to ever endorse a band, Paul Chesne's would be a very wealthy one at that.

Too often you hear of artists lamenting the fact they can't capture the "live" experience of their music......... which often portends to it being far more style than substance; needing a grand visual production to take away from the lack of musical craftsmanship.

Chesne has both.

I'll be damned if I didn't feel like it was 3:00 AM at The Stronghold and I was staggering about hoping to find one last PBR but instead I was listening to PCB while working out at the gym.

To paraphrase Will Hunting, I don't know why the fuck this stuff
sounds so damn good, it just does.

So whether this CD makes you want to have a shot before getting on the dance floor (which it will), chug a bottle of Jack to forget your troubles (I'd have no idea about that / but it also will) or simply toast someone that you don't have it as God awful as Chesne seems to so often lament, grab a drink and put this disc on repeat."  
– Photographer Stephen Albanese,

"I LOVE THE NEW RECORD!!!!! It made me so happy listening to it. You guys all sound great. Congratulations again!"
-- Video director Caitlin Dahl of Dahlhouse Productions

"Chez, I think I know all the words to every song already. I am addicted! Not sure if Jason told you how much I appreciate your music so I'll just tell ya.. I LOVE PCB! I have "you only live once" on repeat My FAVE!!! Love the new sound on "you owe me". Can't wait for more videos too. ♥"
-- Shannon Dunn-Kokanour

"Chester, I just got your album in the mail and it hasn't left my CD player (yes, I still have a CD player!) It sounds like Willie Nelson had sex with a synthesizer and out popped PCB. Nice work! ♥"
-- Jennifer Jenkins Farmer, Daisy Rock Guitars

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pappy & Harriet's Saturday May 21

53688 Pioneertown Rd
Pioneertown, CA 92268

It's free.

We play from 7pm-close!

Last time we were there it snowed and we did donuts in the parking lot.

Looks to be a lot warmer this weekend.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Video For The Song "Tell Me"

Just got this video up on the Youtube the other day. It's hot.
Tell Me

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New fan

Mckynzie Venice Grogan. Born 5/12/2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Album Review In Campus Circle
Music: CD Reviews

Paul Chesne Band: PCB

By David Tobin
The first album by the Paul Chesne Band was great: dirty rocking tunes with a bit of groove and country flavor. Their latest effort blows it out of the water. I’ve been trying to find something wrong with it, and I can’t. This album sounds amazing when it comes to production, but I doubt there’s any way you could make these songs sound bad. The range on each track feels larger than life and gives you something to sing along to, but more importantly, something to party along with. If there ever was an album for the summer, this is it!

The thing that makes this album beat anything that’s come out in 2011 is the range; the songs aren’t just about empty bottles and women. Hauntingly powerful tracks like “Face in the Dirt” will get you yelling out loud, and the driving momentum coupled with Chesne’s lyrics on “You Only Live Once” will keep even the hardest souls hard pressed from sitting still.

Being able to capture this electrifying performance band on an album is the icing on the cake. Not sounding overproduced, this record truly gives an honest representation of what the Paul Chesne Band sounds like live. Pick this up as soon as you can at a show (May 13 at Brennan’s Pub, May 20 at Basement Tavern or May 28 at O’Brien’s Pub) or via the Web site (, and learn all the songs so you’re not the only one not singing along next time, especially when they talk about getting high with the Border Patrol. Yee Haw!

Grade: A

Monday, May 9, 2011

CD Release Shows. Our New Album Is Done And Available! No Law School!

I am very excited to announce that our brand new, PCB Album, is all pressed up and ready to roll!

Stream or download it from our website:

Get it on iTunes

Or buy a hard copy at our slew of CD release shows this month!

The hard copies were printed on eco-wallets with environmentally friendly inks and recycled papers. It cost several hundred dollars more, but the only plastic in the thing is the CD itself. They are a handsome package indeed.

If you aren't in LA or can't make one of these shows, message me and I'll send you a copy or you can get them on CDBaby in about a week.

Friday May 13: Brennan's Pub
with our friends Pocket Jones and Red Circle Underground
9pm-close.Free! 21+
4089 Lincoln Blvd
Marina del Rey, California 90292

Saturday May 14: Cafe Boogaloo
9pm-11pm. Free. 21+
1238 Hermosa Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-3529

Saturday Mar 21: Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace
7pm-close. Free. All ages!
53688 Pioneertown Road
Pioneertown, CA 92268

Saturday May 28: O'Brien's Pub
2941 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405
9pm-close. Free. 21+

After several months and hundreds of people congratulating me on my acceptance to UCLA school of law, please note that the date of that announcement was April 1st. Still funny though!


PCB by Paul Chesne Band. I committed the crime of graffiti on a freeway underpass somewhere in Los Angeles. This cover photo was taken with a long exposure as the streaks of car lights drove by. Photo by JD Narro

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Basement Tavern Saturday And Pics From Yosemite And Iron Door Saloon

Saturday at the  Basement Tavern. That's where it's at.
2640 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405
9pm-close, Free

Pics from our little tour last week.

Somewhere off Highway CA 120 West of the Iron Door. 4/29/2011

Iron Door Saloon And Yosemite

Paul Chesne Band's Fan Box