Saturday, May 30, 2009

Save Your Own Soul. Ain't No One Gonna Do It For Ya.

Save yourself! Infidels. Fools. Fiends. Heathens. Hedons. Snake charmers. Handlers. Glossolalians. Exorcize ye demons! O'Brien's Tonight.

I hope your soul is one that has already been spared by His wrath. Only He can be 2 places at one time. We are reverse engineering this technology from an interplanetary Pod I found discarded carelessly in the rubbish. Will be debuting it tonight at O'Brien's. Be 2 places at one time! All ye saved and damned and darned souls! Free admission to all... Read More who care to enter the warmth and dubious honesty of our rock and roll embrace. There is no more religion. Rock and roll is dying. No superheroes. No Renaissance men. Just a cadre of rapscallions and thieves. Crooks and dynamos. Downtrodden with empty bank accounts and monkeys on their backs. All we have is our heart and song. Who will save us then? Just sign your name in blood on the dotted line.

It is ye then who shall be saved. Wherever you are or may be or never were before. We will be in the trenches fighting for you. For our friends most dear and our closest enemies. Bring your AK-47's and softest pillows. Boeing 747's and red lipsticks from the 99 Cent Store. Your softest raiments and your sharpest swords. Yellow high heels. Belts of silver. Anklets. Throw them in the fire. Your finest hours of cotton and spider's silk. This is the time of rations, but there can be no rations on elation. There can be no limits to ecstasy. No matter world of outside of war and road rage. Bad parking places. Expired registrations. Trips to the DMV office and Tijuana. Offensive wealth and generosity and greatness and mediocrity. It is a non-violent act of civil disobedience. Fingers bloodied. Throats scratched. Ears ringing. We will hurt no one but ourselves. We will wake up tomorrow ready for the next sermon. The next round of casuistry and unpretentious artifice. Superficial, superfluous and cubicle virtues. I wanna do it. But I don't have to do it. I don't wanna do it. But I have to do it.

O'Brien's Pub. 2941 Main St. SM, CA 90405
Free Entry!
MATT ELLIS: 9pm-10pm
If can't make it, listen to the music here:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We played for 6 hours on Sunday at the Whaler...

Here's what Paxton the drummer had to say about it: "Yesterday i played music longer than any human should. 6hrs is unheard of anywhere. That shit should be in Guiness or someone should blog about that. I felt things hurt in my body i never felt before. Fuck!"
Well Paxton it appears you've done just blogged about it! Yeah, it was 6 hours. We weren't lollygagging. We were bleeding, sweating, crying, jumping, running, dancing, loving. The picture above is of the crowd during hour 5!

An article posted on Yo! Venice! about the show.

Paul Chesne Band's Fan Box