Monday, November 23, 2015

Greetings from Nashville : Harvard & Stone this Sunday

I spent a week in Nashville recording a new collection of songs with some great session players including:
Kenny Vaughan: Guitar
Dave Roe: Bass
Micah Kulscher: Keyboards
Steve Hinson: Pedal Steel and Lap Steel
James Pennebaker: Mandolin & Banjo
Jerry Roe: Drums

Got to hang out with some old friends from LA, and do some touristy stuff too. Got awed by the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Spent a few hours drinking at Robert's Western World.
It was a great week. Can't wait to share the new music with you very soon!

Now I'm back and we are back in business at Harvard & Stone this Sunday night with DJ Short Shorts aka Delta Dawns...

Sunday December 6th,
Harvard & Stone. 5221 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
9:30-Midnight. PCB
It's a country night with DJ Short Shorts playing outlaw 70's vinyl.
This week the band will include:
Jon Niemann: Keyboards
Josh Norton: Guitar
Mitch Marine: Drums
Jason Chesney: Bass

Photo from the Mindlin wedding by Natalie Woodrum

Friday, November 6, 2015

Is it ever enough…

To send someone off with a song out of tune, forgotten lyrics and wrong chords all filled up with love..

To awkwardly, drunkenly try to kiss them goodbye with bad breath not knowing if there was a connection, but remaining unfazed nonetheless...

To project your love on someone you may barely even know expecting nothing in return...

To do all you can and still feel helpless and ultimately out of control
because in the grand scheme of things apparently we really are…

To accept that all that’s somehow ok and keep singing out of tune, awkwardly kissing, blindly reaching, taking potentially humiliating chances, being bold and unconditionally loving in the face of that seemingly insurmountable doubt...

I’m not so sure it’s ever enough.

But it’s about all I know.

So that’s what I’m gonna have to do.

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