Thursday, July 4, 2024

We out here - Lithuania tour!!

2 years ago Dutch & I went to Lithuania to play some shows with our friends, a band called the Chuckleheads. 

 We enjoyed the local flora and fauna. 

 Well, for some reason they invited us back. 

 So off we go tomorrow on tour in Eastern Europe. 

 Gonna be a blast. 

 We’ve got 6 shows in 8 days and fancy hotel rooms and a tour bus and we're gonna rock out. 

 ðŸ‡±ðŸ‡¹We are big in Lithuania.🇱🇹 

 I can't write the names of the places we are playing because I am a dumb American. 

But goddamn do they love us. They are right on the border with Ukraine & Poland & Belarus. 

 If you go to our bandsintown and click on upcoming shows, you can find us and we will see you there. #itellyouwhat #getinthevan #dutchisbuyin #dutchnews

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