Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 Year Anniversary of Wet Dog Man : Kibitz Room Friday

We recorded my first album Wet Dog Man over 2 days at the famous Radio Recorders Studios on the weekend of April 25-26, 2004.

It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years!

Friday April 18th
Kibitz Room
, 421 N. Fairfax Blvd.
A full night of music with Barnes and Katy J. We go on at the witching hour.
You never know what's gonna happen at the Kibitz Room.
But I've played there at least 150 times and it's certainly never boring.
And it's always Free!

The above photos were taken on 4/25/04 by Melinda Dahl at Radio Recorders Studios.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Saturday, April 12th
Basement Tavern from 9pm-close
2640 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405
Full Band.

Mitchy Marine is sitting in on drums.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

My friend dreamt I was Jesus...

"i had maybe one of the weirdest dreams i've had this morning. i was walking through la with an old childhood friend. we were super tired and hungover and went into a liquor store. we got stopped by the police because the clerk wasn't wearing her uniform. then we realized we were in a very very mexican part of la. there were adobe houses and music playing everywhere. there were children decorating coffins for the upcoming easter parade. we took a turn down another street that became even more out of a desolate mexican town from the past. walking through the town we could see that there was going to be some sort of stations of the cross presentation. then, when we got to the town square we saw a huge wood post a few stories high and a man that was supposed to represent jesus swinging over all the people. we had to duck a few times due to how close overhead he was. once we stood back up we noticed that the jesus had been brought to the ground and was naked. we walked closer to the jesus, he turned around and it was you. you had black long pubic hair like this old mexican woman i waxed last week. and what we had thought was painted on blood when you were swinging was actually notes people had written on you in black and red ink. one said for a good time call maricel followed by a phone number. amidst all the writing you had a black letter j followed by a period on your back and informed me that was your now very real actual tattoo. then you said i could write something on you, so i thought ok. took a marker and wrote "Jesus is inside me, make me cum, and he will be inside you. and you shall be saved." we all laughed. Then I woke up. the end."

Monday, April 7, 2014

Album Review by noted songwriter David Serby

Paul Chesne’s Downright Up & Left is a Superfly barfly, lining up flaming Molotov Cocktails in a speak(gr)easy, downing one after the other for guts, gusto, and glory, before loading himself into a Rock-n-Roll Circus Cannon, lighting his boot heels on fire, screaming, “WE WILL ALL DIE OLD!” (in Open-All-Night-Years) and shooting himself into a big broken heart, all in an attempt to impress the dark and tender tragic tabby in the corner booth who is just going to take him back to his offline Econoline and screw him (over) good.
If you’re a long haul rocker, drunk tank roller, hung over lover this record was made for YOU!

Our album is now available digitally on:
Our website
if you prefer a CD they're for sale here
& at our next show:
Wednesday April 9th
The Edison, 108 W 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 90012
No cover. Dress code enforced: Men should wear dress shoes and collared shirts.

Friday, April 4, 2014

PCB Highlight Reel

Friday, March 28, 2014

O'Brien's On Saturday

Saturday May 29th
O'Brien's Pub, 2941 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405
9:30-close. Free. 21+. Full Band.

photo by Tailstar.com

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You can't win 'em all...

During a set break at our show on Saturday a couple of our band members were standing out front of the bar and some dude driving by yelled "Fag!" at them.
Then not more than 2 minutes later as we're strapping on our instruments for the next set, a girl who was walking out with her boyfriend turned to us and said "You guys suck!"
All we could do was laugh and play even harder. With still more conviction and an even bigger chip on our collective shoulder. And maybe somewhere in the back of our minds feel a twinge of self-doubt &/or anger. But nevermind all that.
During the next set break some dude who had extremely bad breath and claimed to be the original bass player for MGMT came up to the stage and started giving our bass player tips on how to play. I found him later and got in his face a bit, asking what he does now. He said his life is miserable and that he made many wrong choices and now he works on video games for kindergartners. He also said that he thought there were a couple of elements of the band that were really great and there were some others that were "take it or leave it." Fuck that guy and his miserable life and his stank ass breath.
It's not the easiest thing in the world to drive to a different city, set up a PA from scratch and play original music for 4 hours, laying your heart down on the line. You leave yourself vulnerable.
But it can be very rewarding. It's my favorite thing to do really.
Anyway, we kind of just laughed all of that stuff off, but there was still that literal and proverbial bad taste in our mouths.
Our keyboard player, Jonny, said it best, "I'd much rather actually be gay or really suck, than be the person who yells those things at people." And of course I'd much rather be gay than actually suck. Ok, who are we fooling. I am gay!
But I am not some kinda spiritual zen kinda dude. I am patient and try to be loving while at the same time somewhat living in the real world.
But that kind of negativity can affect you a bit, regardless.
After the bar closed we took our first load of gear out to The Van only to find that someone had drawn an enormous cock on the back window.
We had a good hearty laugh over it.
It was the icing on the cake at the end of a rough night.
But oh yeah, then I had to still drive home. And as we went, I watched the big white moon, so close almost as if it were dangling, like the light of a chandelier, over the swirling waves of the Pacific Ocean. I had to stop on the PCH 3 times just to take in the view and hear the waves relentlessly and violently smashing on the sand. And there was so much peace in that.

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