Thursday, July 2, 2015

Joshua Tree Note : Arroyo Grande, Fri : Buellton, Sat : Santa Barbara, Sun

Figueroa Mountain Brewery July 4th Weekend Tour

Friday, July 3rd -- Arroyo Grande
Figueroa Mountain Brewery. 1462 E. Grand Ave.
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
Free, just like America!

Saturday, July 4th -- Buellton
Figueroa Mountain Brewery, 45 Industrial Way
Buellton, CA 93427
Free, just like America!

Sunday, July 5th -- Santa Barbara
Figueroa Mountain Brewery, 137 Anacapa St, Suite F
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Free, just like America!

The band for this week is:
Drums: Rich Berardi
Bass: Jason Chesney
Guitar: Steve Tegel

Joshua Tree...
Best as I can tell, stars are the result of billions of years of energy traveling at light speed into an infinite, undulating, cacophonous, universal chandelier dangling tantalizingly, but intangibly and impossibly close.
While at the same time letting us know how insignificant and lucky we are in our limited capacities to perceive what we can of their selfless, undeniable beauty.
And reminding us of how truly microscopic we are in comparison.
But affording us hope.
That maybe someday, even if it's a billion years from now, our own light will somehow travel across the cosmos to touch someone or something in some way in some similarly positive capacity, if only a fraction as profound. So that we must emphatically keep on persevering.
And emanating and reflecting that light. The light that shines within us.
The light they so fastidiously shine upon us.
The light they ultimately, violently lived and dramatically exploded and died for so that we could in fact exist at all.
As their absolute genetic & spiritual offspring.
Because, as the scientists tell us, we are all made of stardust.
And that, I think, is pretty goddamned beautiful.
I tell you what.

Pics from last week...
Firefighters using Pappy & Harriet's parking lot as a staging ground for the Lake Fire
Back to the future. Berardi in front of the police checkpoint which was set up outside of Pappy's to ensure folks didn't get too close to the fire.
Pit stop at Henry's Bargains.
Scheideck Festival was goin' off!
Stopped in the wash to watch this epic sunset before heading home.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hollywood, Pappy's, Reyes Creek, Santa Monica

Time for another PCB jog around the Southland...

Thursday, June 25th
Sassafras Saloon, 1233 N. Vine St. Hollywood 90038
9:30-11:30, Free!

Friday, June 26th
Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace. 53688 Pioneertown Rd. 92268
Free & all ages.

Saturday, June 27th
CAMP SCHEIDECK MUSIC FESTIVAL, 26905 Scheideck Rd, Maricopa, California 93252
We play at 9pm.
There is camping available for free!
It's a beautiful crazy spot up in the Los Padres National Forest sorta between the Grapevine and Santa Barbara.
There are tons of bands starting on Friday at 6pm and ending on Sunday late afternoon.

Sunday, June 28th
Main Street Summer Soulstice, Rawvolution Stage. 2301 Main St. 90405
Free and all ages.
Here is the lineup:
1pm - Tom Freund
3pm - Brightside
4pm - Padric Payton and Brando Farr
5pm - Full Circle Venice Band
6pm - Paul Chesne Band
7pm - Rawvolution After Party SUPERFOOD SUNDAY 

This is my friend Mandy/ She is a fat little monster
Central Coast Herding Dog Rescue pup of the week: Natasha!

Reyes Creek

Sassafras Saloon

Santa Monica Summer Soulstice
Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Green Day Visits The Kibitz : Tonight At The Basement Tavern

Thursday June 18th,
Basement Tavern, 2640 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405

Full Band.

Green Day Story...

Back in May of 2004, Green Day was recording American Idiot right up the street from the Kibitz Room on Fairfax.
We had a residency and we played there every Thursday for quite some time. About 150-200 shows.
The first week, after they're done recording, the bass player, Mike Dirnt, shows up and digs it.
2nd week he brings the entire studio crew, including the band and engineers and producer. And they got us hammered.
I was wearing a tuxedo and their drummer, Tre Cool, had brought so many Budweisers on stage, I couldn't even drink anymore. So I just poured a couple over my head. Full tux & all.
We started really late that night. And I got drunk as fuck. You see, I had mis-timed my buzz by like 45 minutes.
But they hung around until like 2:30am. We shot the shit and joked around for hours. They told me they were jealous of me. And that they wanted to play a dive bar like that again. I offered to to switch places if even for a day.
I didn't know they wanted to play during our set, but as soon as I found out they did, I went and talked to the band after us & was like "Yo! You gotta let these guys play a few songs. This could be a historic night." Everyone in the bar wanted it to happen.
I can't say I'm the biggest Green Day fan, but it would have been awesome. If I had known they wanted to play during our set, we would have given them our instruments without question and said "Go!" But I didn't know until after we were done and the guy from the band after us, who has now of course broken up said "No."
That was pretty lame.
So the next day my drummer, the great Mitch Marine, calls me and tells me that I really fucked up by getting so drunk in front of Green Day. He was embarrassed and questioned my professionalism.
I was really hard on myself that week. And completely agreed.
But then, the next Thursday, they all showed up again. I apologized for being too drunk. And they said "Fuck no. You guys are awesome!"
I just watched them get inducted into the R&R Hall Of Fame. And it reminded me of those times.
I tell you what.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Henry Vincent Art Show at Patrick Painter Gallery

Playing acoustic styles at this event here tomorrow...
5-9pm at Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica, CA. 90404

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Townhouse (Tonight) Tuesday Ten Thirty : Pics from Yosemite last weekend...

Tuesday, June 9th
Townhouse & the Del Monte Speakeasy, 52 Windward Ave. Venice, CA 90291 
Lacey Kay Cowden 10pm
PCB 10:45

Full band, $10

Bass: Jason Chesney
Keyboards: Jon Niemann
Guitar: Josh Norton
Drums: Rich Berardi

Pics from Yosemite last weekend...


Monday, June 1, 2015

It's my birthday. yay me! : Oldest Bar in CA by Yosemite this weekend : Tuesday at the Townhouse Venice

This Friday & Saturday night we are setting up shop and playing some shows at
June 5th & 6th...
Iron Door Saloon, 18761 Main St. Groveland, CA 95321
It's the oldest saloon in California started "sometime before 1852."
9-close, free!
It's real close to Yosemite and we love it up there.

Next Tuesday we'll be back home...
Tuesday, June 9th
Townhouse & the Del Monte Speakeasy, 52 Windward Ave. Venice, CA 90291 
Lacey Kay Cowden 10pm
PCB 10:45

Full band

okeedokee, so it's  my birthday.

yay me! Hell yeah. Made it around the Sun another pass. Life is a miracle. It is indeed. I tell you what.

While I do get a large ego boost from lots and lots of happy slappy birthday wishes on my F'book page. I mean, I really do. I sit there and think to myself in a Valley Girl accent, "Like wow! I am so popular. This is totally radical." All day long. Something approaching that, pretty much.

Please send well wishes, heckles, barbs, jokes, etc. in a email text, Snapchat, Whisper, Tweet, Instagrizzle, sky-writing, Myspace, full page ad in Variety, Friendster, craigslist casual encounters, et cetera...
You can put my name up in lights or just put it on a grain of rice. Whatever cools for you brotendos and brotendettes. Ladies and germs. Bolls and boll weevils.

Thanks to you all for your friendship whether it be IRL (in real life) or digital &/or both. But mostly digital. Fuck IRL!

I get a kick out of life. real/digital life. Yes I do. And sharing it with you all.

I'm excited to go to Yosemite with the band this weekend & celebrate.

I'm gonna milk this birthday thing for all it's worth and we can still have a party when I get back on Tuesday night at the Townhouse. Come say hi &/or throw a pie in my face then.
Please give money to a charity in my name to save the world!
That is all for now. Much love. Word to the mothership... aka The Van.

The birthday band for this weekend is:
Keyboards: Jon Niemann
Bass: Stephen Tegel
Drums: Rich Berardi
Guitars: Josh Norton

I ain't getting any younger or less creepy. So let's enjoy this shit. I. tell. you. what.

CCHDR pup of the week, Saydee! I got to meet this one too. She is sweet as pie and can jump really high.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I have a story to tell you about a dead possum : Also Hollywood Thursday & Santa Monica Saturday

Thursday, May 28th
Sassafras Saloon, 1233 N. Vine St. Hollywood 90038
9:30-11:30, Free!

Saturday, May 30th
O'Brien's On Main, 2941 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405

I have a story to tell you about a dead possum...
I never leave my phone in my bedroom cuz like I don't care if someone dies. Well I care, but if they're dead I could find out when I wake up and that would probably be better anyway. At least I could sleep.
But I thought this chick might call me. So for the 1st time in years, I brought my phone in my room while I slept last night.
& 8am my phone starts going berserk. With one eye open, I'm like oh fuck someone died. Go back to sleep cuz it wasn't the chick so whateverskis.
But then it starts dancing & buzzing again. And it's Jimmy. And he is the kinda guy where if he calls you at 8am on Memorial Day, you're gonna have to answer. Cuz it ain't no joke. Or maybe it is. But it's probably gonna be funny.
But when I groggily skeptically answer, he says Rachel is house sitting at his place and Molson the giant doggie boy had fielded in a possum to the living room and she's freaking out and Jimmy's out of town at least an hour away, Can I help?
Fuck that shit. My dance card is full already. For instance, I had to eat food and play music all day today. There was no margin for error.
And then he pulls the "I would do it for you" card.
So, still drunk from the night before I made the wise choice to grab a big black trash bag and get this over with.
The call came at 8:49am. I was back in my bed at 9:03am.
I wonder if the possum was playing possum. And not really dead.
And I also wonder. I am in fact perplexed, if you had a dead animal on your floor, how far down the list I would be of people to call. Wherever you think I am. Like probably last. That's probably good. I'll find you an exterminator or some shit. I got a credit card.
He was pretty cute though, that little possum.
Don't call me ever again. Ok fine. Call me. But I won't answer. And I'm outta trash bags anyways.

CCHDR Pup of the week, Lazy Bone

Pics from our Memorial Day weekend block party in Venice:

Paul Chesne Band's Fan Box