Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I've been kicked offstage in nicer places & Liberty Kitchen in Temecula on Saturday

Saturday, June 25th
Liberty Kitchen, 28544 Old Town Front St, Temecula, CA 92590

G-Unit this week is...
Drums: Rich Berardi
Bass: Steve Tegel
Guitar: Dutch Suoninen
Keyboards: Jonny Niemann

I've been kicked offstage at nicer places...

Last night my good buddy of many years got married. (He was actually the 1st PCB drummer circa 1999-2001. I call him Beachfoot.)

Mind you, this is a guy who I have heard utter the words, I don't believe in the institution of marriage. On many occasions. A true existentialist. He don't got no social networking pages. He is an off the grid kinda guy.

I mean after making the colossal mistake of quitting my band he went back to Stanford to get a PhD in philosophy. And now he's a professor there. ‪#‎fail‬

But anyway, he had the most elaborate and gorgeous and extravagant weddings I think I've ever been to at the Biltmore Four Seasons on the beach in Santa Barbara. I checked the room prices in case I thought I might stay there. The cheapest one was $645. So naturally I slept on my friend's AirBnB couch.

They had a wedding band. You know. Appetizers & champagne as the sun set over the ocean. The whole nine yards.

But I was really itching to get up there and sing cuz the wedding band were playing a bunch of cheezy cover songs that I have played hundreds of times.

So finally, I was lubricated enough to pop on stage when they had our friend the groom sit in on a song. It was Obvious Child by Paul Simon. One of my favorites.

And the band didn't learn it very well. So I sauntered on stage and sang it with just drums and that was fun.

Then came the drum solo where everyone focuses on the newly anointed husband. So I left the stage to give them a moment before we kicked in to the second verse all hard core and stuff.

But as I was walking back to the mic the wedding band guitar player blocked my path with his guitar and one of his backup singers stuck her arm out as well. Right in to my chest. She said you have to leave the stage. And I was like why? And she was like because I said so. As I walked away, I said, it's ok I've been kicked off the stage at nicer places.

But actually I haven't. That was the nicest place I've ever been kicked off stage. One for the record books.

Stupid wedding band.

And many many happy returns to Mr. & Mrs. Beachfoot.

Jammin' with my brother Bennett a couple weeks ago. He taught me everything I know. Most important is -- to listen.

1 year ago today we were hanging out with this guy. Lorenzo the Llama.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pics from the Roast Of Paul Chesne & Tonight at the Piano Bar Hollywood

Wednesday, June 15th
Piano Bar Hollywood. 6429 Selma Ave. 90028
PCB: 10:45-close

PCB is...
Guitar: Josh Norton
Piano: Jon Niemann
Drums: Rich Berardi
Bass: Dutch Suoninen

Last week, I had myself a roast for my 40th birthday. There were burlesque dancers and lots of ex-girlfriends, future ex-girlfriends, band members and high school friends making fun of me and each other.
What a night!

More Pics Here!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's my fortieth birthday party at Cinema Bar this Friday -- Lord Help Me Jesus. You People Are Getting Old.

Friday, June 3rd
Cinema Bar, 3967 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

I turn 40 at midnight. Come heckle!

PCB is...
Keyboards: Jon Niemann
Bass: Jason Chesney
Guitar: Dutch Suoninen
Drums: Rich Berardi

Pics from last Sunday's jam by "Toot Toot" Willens...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

"Best band I've ever seen on carpet" + Crawfish festival & music party at Cinema Bar this Memorial Day Sunday afternoon/evening‏

Sunday May 29th,
Cinema Bar, 3967 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City, CA 90230
PCB at 5pm
$12, for all them crawdaddies you could eat plus lots of bands
Jody Jones acoustic set at 3pm.
Lacey Kay Cowden 4pm.
Paul Chesne Band 5pm.
Matt Ellis & band at 6:30pm.

Cinema Bar. December 15, 2006. Photo by Clifford Novey

Last night at O'Brien's a girl came up to me after dancing for like 3 hours.
She said, "you guys are the best band I've ever seen on carpet."
I'm gonna go ahead and call it a win.

PCB today is...
Drums: Rich Berardi
Bass: Dutch Suoninen
Guitar: Josh Norton
Keyboard: Jon Niemann

Friday, May 13, 2016

Here's a picture of me pouring beer on head in Bakersfield : & also Temecula Saturday

On Saturday we're helping our friends open up their new spot in Temecula.
They are the folks behind LittleRadio & the Railroad Revival Tour which featured Mumford & Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes.

It's like this...
Saturday, May 14th
Liberty Kitchen, 28544 Old Town Front St. Temecula, CA 92590

Oh yeah here's that picture I promised of me pouring a beer on my head...

Fishlips. Bakersfield, 2011. Photo by Stephen Albanese

We'll be back in Hollywood at the Piano Bar this Tuesday.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Iron Door Saloon by Yosemite this weekend

The oldest liquor license in California. "Sometime before 1852."
We're heading up and playing on both Friday & Saturday nights.
It's beautiful & right close to Yosemite.

Friday May 6th & Saturday May 7th
Iron Door Saloon, 18761 Main Street  Groveland, CA 95321
9-close, free!

This weekend the PCB will include:
Guitar: Dutch Suoninen
Bass: Steve Tegel
Drums: Rich Berardi

Friday, April 29, 2016

Saturday at Fig Mtn Brew Co Buellton : Next week near Yosemite at the Iron Door

Saturday April 30th
Figueroa Mountain Brewery, 45 Industrial Way
Buellton, CA 93427
Free, just like America!

Next Friday & Saturday nights we're off to the Iron Door Saloon in Groveland.

Last week at the Grand Ole Echo was a rager. We had our buddy Sean Vercos sit in on guitar.

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