Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Market is Up!

6:30-9pm. Free!

Bass: Lelah Simon
Drums: Jamie Douglass
Geetar: Dutch & Josh Norton
+ special guests. Like you if you decided to be there heyyyyyy!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Come Look At Us at the 2 of the Least Douchey bars in Hwood this Fri, Sat & Sun. Dutch is buyin'!

Paul Chesne Band Rockin' Weekend...

Friday, September 9 - Desert 5 Spot, 2516 Selma Ave. Hollywood
Saturday, September 10 - Desert 5 Spot -- Again!
10:30 to midnight. Free!
Get there early like me at 10 and skip the line and get some tacos.

Also, Paul Chesne Band
Sunday, September 11th at Good Times at Davey Wayne's 

1611 N El Centro Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
4-6pm, Free!
Get you some delicious BBQ and heckle us. (seriously)

Dutch is buyin'! (not seriously)

Friday and Saturday PCB all-stars...

Dutch: Guitar
Stevie Tegel: on the bass
Paxton: Drums
Jonny Niemann: Keyboards

Sunday's PCB All-Stars shall include...

Bass: Lelah Simon
Drums: Shane Considine
Guitar: Dutch

Hope to see out in the wild again some time soon, if we haven't already. So many great reunions that couple years. After some dark days. Let's party!

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Rachel Hangover's Birthday Show - All Bets Are Off!

Tuesday, August 23rd

 The Venice West, 1717 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

It's Rachel's Birthday.
Yes Rachel Hangover. That Rachel. 

Lacey is playing before me. 
She stole my band.

Have you ever been to Venice? 

This is how we do.


Come hang out with fellow freedom fighters for equality and love. I tell you what. We are here for you. Be with us. 

And also did I mention it's Rachel's birthday!

So if you don't come she will make you feel guilty for like 5 years. So get that out of the way.


Luc Nyhus
Chris Crash Carson
Lacey & The Whole Calamity Hour

Where will Rachel wake up hungover the next day?

Nobody knows +350 
But probably my couch +75
Somewhere in her house -15
In The Van + 250
All bets are off +1,000  

Also we're playing a bunch of other really cool shows....

Sunday, August 14th - Good Times at Davey Wayne's
5-6pm. BBQ Party!

Friday, August 19th - Desert 5 Spot, 2516 Selma Ave. Hollywood
Saturday, August 20th - Desert 5 Spot -- Again!


Monday, July 25, 2022

Awe Bar Yucca Valley this Saturday

 Many dear friends from the ole Pappy's days will be rejoicing with us at the grand opening of...

56193 Twentynine Palms Hwy Yucca Valley, CA 92284

7pm: The Royal Rats - playing some wicked surf tunes
8:30pm: Paul Chesne & The Hi-Desert Stars


Drums: Denny Weston, Jr.
Bass: Lelah Simon
Guitar: Josh Sonntag

Come n' get freaky with us in the desert like it always was and is meant to be.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

We back for a good times free bbq tmrw Sunday in Hwood. Dutch is buyin'!

Paul Chesne Band 
Sunday, July 17th at Good Times at Davey Wayne's
Free BBQ for all starting at 3. (seriously)

Dutch is buyin'! (not seriously)

1611 N El Centro Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Bass: Lelah Simon
Drums: Shane Considine
Guitar: Dutch

Just got back from Lithuania tour. It was a heckuva trip!

Slava Ukraini!

Friday, June 24, 2022

A devastating day for civil rights in American & Lithuania Tour

I find it impossible not to voice my support for women's right to choose.

Today has been absolutely devastating and a huge step backwards for civil rights in our country. 

I have been a proud feminist all my life and offer my whole-hearted support to all women.

We gotta get out there and vote and get these rights back. But it's not going to be easy. 

PLEASE VOTE your conscience.

In band news, Dutch & I have been working on a project with a couple friends the last couple months.

And we are going on the road with them to Lithuania to play several shows there.

It's gonna be quite a hoot. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, here is the info...

Chesne & the Chuckleheads featuring Dutch Lithuania Tour Dates July 2022

7/4: Šnekutis - Vilnius, Lithuania

7/5: Šnekutis - Vilnius, Lithuania

7/7: Seklyčia prie uosio - Panevėžys, Lithuania

7/9: Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto Botanikos sodas - Kaunas, Lithuania

Friday, May 13, 2022

PCB at the "least douchey" rooftop bar in Hwood Sat the 14th

Come on and git yer freak on!

Saturday May 14th 
Desert 5 Spot, 6516 Selma Ave.90028
10:30-Midnight, Free!

Paul Chesne Band's Fan Box