Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Making the Video: Pink Champagne

On Sunday we were off to the Salton Sea to film the video for the first single off my new record... Pink Champagne. I think you're gonna love it. Thanks to all who came to help with the video. Our intrepid crew: Nick Prevas, director (pulling double-duty) Caitlin Dahl, Hannah Hall and Tanner. As well as the band members: Steve Tegel, Dutchy, Paxton, Emily on keys, Melinda Dahl doing double duty as our photographer and back up singer. It was a long productive day. The video and 1st single should be ready for purchase some time in the next 2 months! Here are some behind the scenes shots. I've kept back the money shots so you'll get to see them in the video first. Enjoy!
Pink Champagne Video Shoot At Salton Sea

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holland said...

i found your blog! can't wait to see the video!~!

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