Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Horse Racing

One time I went to the horse races wth my dad and a whole host of his good friends who were total characters. Anydoodles, we're going to Hialeah down in Florida because we loved Miami Vice and that was the race track with the pink flamingos during the title sequence. The catch is you can't get in to the horse races in Florida unless you're over 16 or 18 or something. So we've got a limo and all these rich and famous fellas ready to roll. We walk up to the place and they won't let us in cuz I was like 12 but I looked 8. So we go back to the car and Walter Matthau takes a cork out of a wine bottle and burns one end of it. Then he paints a black charcoal mustache on my face. I was as blonde as could be. We walk back up to the same guy we walked up to a few minutes before like he wouldn't notice us and he turns us away again.

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