Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We played for 6 hours on Sunday at the Whaler...

Here's what Paxton the drummer had to say about it: "Yesterday i played music longer than any human should. 6hrs is unheard of anywhere. That shit should be in Guiness or someone should blog about that. I felt things hurt in my body i never felt before. Fuck!"
Well Paxton it appears you've done just blogged about it! Yeah, it was 6 hours. We weren't lollygagging. We were bleeding, sweating, crying, jumping, running, dancing, loving. The picture above is of the crowd during hour 5!

An article posted on Yo! Venice! about the show.

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The Invisible H (ล ara Stranovsky) said...

awe yeah. that was a great show. sunlight on my face (i look like a ghost in that picture) plus chesne for hours and hours... such a great night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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