Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mike Stinson At The Cinema Bar

Photo gallery of Mike Stinson At The Cinema Bar on May 29, 2009

Mike Stinson is pretty much my favorite singer/songwriter in LA. He does that tear in your beer kinda stuff that George Jones and Hank Williams made famous. He's a master of charming your pants off through self-deprecation. His love songs are simple, honest and unpretentious. One of my old sayings is the darkest time is when the sun comes out. His embrace of the darkness shines.
When he plays at the Cinema Bar it's kinda like James Brown at the Apollo or Johnny Cash at Folsom or Paul Chesne & the Crazy Mutherfuckers at the Kibitz Room. I'm not sitting here trying to compare my band playing at the Kibitz to my favorite two albums of all time. I'm just saying that these acts in these venues fit like a glove. In our own small way each of us have places and moments that epitomize a time in our lives. Some of us reach grand heights. Some of us touch only a few souls.
Mike Stinson at the Cinema Bar is the perfect example of an under-appreciated singer/songwriter with an overqualified band playing at the smallest dive bar in Los Angeles that touches a nostalgic chord deep inside me even as I'm there. I stopped in last Friday for a few songs and a drink, but ended up staying for 3 hours on my only night off in months.

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