Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dutch Quit The Band Then Forgot Again. (Don't Remind Him)

4th of July we played a private party at a posh restaurant on Abbot
Kinney. For about an hour there were 15 beautiful ladies dancing on
the normally immaculate wine bistro bar. (As evidenced in above pic!)

After the show, Dutch quit the band. Then we all argued. Tossing insults back &
forth around the van on our way to go see the fireworks show down the

After sitting in traffic & arguing for at least 45 minutes, we made it less than a mile, turned around
and paid 10 bucks to park a few feet from where we parked for free before. From
there we stood on top of the van, drank our absconded booze and could
see the fireworks through a small sliver in the trees. Michelle peed
on the roof of the van. That was pretty awesome.

We next took our talent to a party, I put on
the bunny costume and requisite belligerence to go with it. They sent me home shortly thereafter in a cab.

The next couple days I was depressed & tired. Cuz Dutch (some 10 years and 500 shows later) quit the band and we worked, played and recorded for 20 hours a day
7 of the last previous 9. ("What do you want a diaper?")

So a couple days later I text Dutch asking if I really need to find
a goddamn new guitar player, he responds "What are you talking about?"

Just another week in the life of Paul Chesne & The Redundancies.

See ya Friday at 9:30 at an old church on 235 Hill St. SM, CA. 90405.
We're recording a live set there.

Also, Sunday at 5-8pm at the Venice Whaler. 10 Washington Blvd. Venice, CA 90291.
Both shows are free & all ages.


Unknown said...

Funny story. I was at Primitivo the night before.

Unknown said...

And this is why I continue to love the shit out of both of you. Why wasn't I in this mix? I miss watching you two fight and then fighting with one and/or both of you.

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