Thursday, January 14, 2010

Burt Reynolds Is Producing Our New Record. Bakersfield Friday.

Hey we just started recording our new rekkid last night at the Little Rascals clubhouse we call Melbourne Studios.

Like the last EP, this is gonna be all vegan. Food provided by the delicious Green Leaves Vegan restaurant on Hillhurst in Los Feliz.

We had a couple celebrities stop by during the first day of recording. Namely: Brady Wills. San Diego's top weatherman and also the nifty bass player in Dutch & The Disasters and Mack Winston & The Reflections.

Also, stopping by were Burt Reynolds and his assistant Angelo Bundini. Burt Reynolds is actually slated to produce the record. Bundini will be mixing. Enjoy this slideshow. That's Burt Reynolds, our producer, wearing a hoodie on the cover.
Recording 2010. Day 1

We are playing in Bakersfield at Fishlips Bar & Grill tomorrow night (Friday the 15th) at 9pm with The 99's. Musical time travels and insanity North of the Grapevine.

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