Friday, April 9, 2010

Stronghold Saturday : Paxton's Music Blog : Take It Easy Peezy Japaneezy : The World's Most Beautiful Pigeon

Stronghold Saturday. Full band. New songs. Party times.
1625 Abbot Kinney. Venice, 90291. $10. I'm just saying you might wanna Bring Your Own Flask on the DL . BYOF on the DL. Just sayin'. I mean they have booze, but ya know. In this economy...

Check out Paxton's (drums) new anti-blog. He chooses music that he likes and then tries to put links to it. He's still learning that part. But he has pretty good musical tasters sometimes in my opinion.

Look Steve's (bass) on Twitter. He just saw the most beautiful pigeon in the world.

I'm on tweetski too.

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Happy weekend. 
Take it easy peezy Japaneezy.

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