Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BDay Party Instructions : Friday Stronghold Venice : Saturday Fishlips Bakersfield

Friday June 4th.

Private birthday party at The Stronghold.
1625 Abbot Kinney Blvd. 90291
Everyone is welcome, but you must RSVP here to get in.
10pm: Holland Greco
She lives in the pantheon of my favorite artists. 

We go on after her band at 11pm.
It's supposed to be $15 but if you have any problem paying let me know in your RSVP. Don't be shy.
There will be no alcohol served. That means BYOB on the DL! And bring a little extra for the birthday boy. I'm man enough to admit that I like chardonnay. But I guess I'm not manly enough to drink actual proper man drinks.


Saturday at Fishlips in Bakersfield with lots of other great bands!

Normally we play like about 80 shows a year and I don't feel bad if no one comes to one or something. And I don't make you feel bad about it either. No biggee. But this weekend it's my birthday so if you can't come you should feel guilty.

Peace out. I mean screw you it's my birthday week and I can say whatever I want. Party!

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