Friday, December 17, 2010

Villains Tavern Saturday : NYE Downtown Party Plans : "Loveman" Pender

12/18/10: Downtown LA: Villain's Tavern
1356 Palmetto St. LA, CA 90013
9-close. Free. The place is pretty rad.

12/30/10: O'Brien's Pub: Acoustic set

New Year's Eve. 

$100 gets you entrance to 8 bars within walking distance of each other downtown with free drinks all night.

Gram Rabbit is playing at one of the other bars. And there are DJ's and party times.

NYE be at Tony's Saloon.
2017 E 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90021

PS: We're playing a private party tonight and we put together an 11 piece band band with brass band and backup singers and percussion. We had rehearsal last night and Pender from the Conan O'Brien band walks in and he's playing trumpet! I'm gonna record it and stuffs. Radical!

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