Monday, June 13, 2011

Interview From June 3rd Summit Post Daily In Breckenridge, Colorado

Here's the link.
And the interview is below.

Dr. Dre meets Johnny Cash

Who: Paul Chesne Band

When: Saturday June 4th, my 35th birthday party

Where: three20south

Where'd (the band name) come from?

It's my name. We would have a band name, but the first six years we were playing we went through about 40+ band members. Now that we've got a set lineup it's too late to change. And plus we could never agree on one. I have a piece of paper with at least 35 band names on it. We have come up with hundreds, all voted down.

Home base: Los Angeles

Type of music you play/who are you?

Dr. Dre meets Johnny Cash. I'm from LA. Have a Ph.D in dive bar. Started playing them in 1999. Have played 1,000+ shows since then in various places including festivals, a couple of friend's weddings, farmers markets, strip clubs, a 1-year-old's birthday party, opening up for big artists on the Sunset Strip, every party in Venice Beach and lots and lots of dive bars.

If your music was a tangible item, what would it be, and why?

Organic pharmaceutical street narcotics that cause euphoria, simultaneous laughter and tears mixed with an uncontrollable urge to dance

Why do people love ya?

I forsake relationships and money for art. I love with vehemence. I stand by my convictions. I mean well.

How do you keep it fresh?

No two shows are ever the same. We make up songs on the spot. We cover the most recent top 40 or Internet hit like Rebecca Black's Friday or Cee Lo or Adele or Brittney Spears or Outkast, but we also do our own envelope pushing originals and then bring it all back home with some Rolling Stones, Robert Johnson, Johnny Cash, Prince, New Orleans Mardi Gras tunes, R. Kelly, Steve Miller Band, The Specials, Doc Watson, Elvis Presley, James Brown, 50 Cent, and whatever else we might be listening to or heard on the radio on the way to the show.

What's the craziest thing you've done/weirdest experience?

I'm not sure that's fit for print. I'm pretty sure it's either illegal or pornographic. Probably both. No animals or humans were harmed. Let's do something crazy right now!

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