Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Former PC Band Member Done Good

Just got off the phone with our bass player from way back in 2004, Chris D'Rozario.
I hadn't talked to him in a few years. I remember when he first came to LA from Australia. He was barely 23 and a brash fucker. All full of piss and vinegar. A great player already, and determined to be the bass player for the Stray Cats. Oh the innocence.

He played on our first album Wet Dog Man.

Chris Nomad & I recording Wet Dog Man at Radio Recorders studios on April 25, 2004. Photo by Melinda Dahl
And played with us in the PCB for about a year...
L-R: Mitch Marine, me, and Chris D'Rozario at Kibitz Room. 8/18/2004. Photo by Lanning Gold

After only about 10 months in Los Angeles, he did miraculously get that audition with Brian Setzer. And he was offered a position in the Brian Setzer Orchestra! But it was behind the bandstand. And this little bastard Chris, he turned it down. Shortly thereafter he quit the PCB and moved back to Australia.

Fast forward to today. He's in between tours to Europe and Japan and then the US playing with the Brian Setzer Rockabilly Riot!
L-R: Slim Jim Phantom, Brian Setzer, John Hatton, Chris D'Rozario in Vigevano, Italy

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