Monday, April 9, 2012

Pappy Harriet's & Rancho De La Luna Family Reunion

L-R: Dutch Suoninen, Denny Weston, Jr., Jon Niemann, Dave Catching, Rich Berardi, Mitch Marine, Katie Stratton, Josh Norton, Dylan Thomasn, Paul Chesne, Steve Tegel, Ava Mann, Bingo Richie. 4/7/12. Rancho De La Luna
Photos by Katie Stratton


Anonymous said...


Jayden said...

Your family portrait looks great, except for that piece of plant blocking the guy on the right side. It is always nice to have a remembrance when you have a get together with families and friends. You'll never know when it would happen again so treasure while it lasts.

Maylie J said...

There are two places where I see Canon cameras most. First is in a stadium where there is an event such as concerts and second is in a hall where there is a reunion going on. These seem to be the best moments to capture and treasure for a long time.

Billy said...

I like the resolution of the camera you used to take this photo. The photo looks so vivid and clear. That's what I always check when buying cameras like a trail camera.

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