Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photo and lovely note by Patsy Dunn

An incredible magical mystery ride to 'Pappy and Harriet's' on Friday with the Paul Chesne Band.....five band members and myself, 'La Belle' Noelle Meridith Deigan' and the beautiful free spirit Bonnie Leese all crammed in with personal stuff as well as musician equipment....ended up at the incredibly inspiring gentle 'state of mind' home of the passionate and peace loving artist Bobby Furst where creative discussion is nurtured and protected. I might just be a hippy after all! The desert has an almost spiritual quality of light ...perfect for taking a group shot of the band with loving hangers on. Great music that floated out into the desert night and a very appreciative audience of Yucca Valley locals, off duty military men, families with children who roamed safely among the dancers on a beautiful aged wooden dance floor and a strangely lovely assortment of beautiful people with great cowboy boots and a sense of wonder and appreciation for music and decent sensibilities! Oh ... and yes....my badly broken pinky toe did not hold me back though I was peeved at not being able to wear my truly cool cowboy boots! Oh well! xoxo

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