Monday, October 28, 2013

Long Story Short

Friday night at our show during our 12:45am set break I was waiting in line to wash my hands in the bathroom and this drunken idiot (DI) tried taking my hat off.
So I grabbed it back and pulled his hand away. His friend was like "you need a babysitter" and making fun of what an idiot he was so I started laughing.
The DI asked me if I thought it was humorous and I ignored him, washed my hands and attempted to leave. He blocked my path so I tried going around him and he grabbed me.
So I pulled his hand down and kept trying to leave but then all of a sudden he pushed me and kicked me in the balls!
So I threw him on the floor in to the handicapped stall and walked out and got the bouncers and told them to get him out of there and walked away sorta in shock.
As they were escorting him out he was real tall and now we're in the main room of the bar. He reaches around this bigger dude that was between us and clocks me in the face. So I go around the bigger dude and toss the DI on the floor into 4 cabinets and the door jam.
Then like 7 security guards and others come and now we're on the patio out front of the place. So I humiliated the DI in front of 200 people as he was escorted out.
Now I'm not in the best of moods.
So I go around the side to get the band and chill out.
And there's a guy sitting on the pavement in the parking lot with a friend and his bone is sticking out of his broken ankle!
Apparently while my little scuffle occurred upstairs, there were people downstairs talking on our mic.
They kicked 2 of them out, then after that a 3rd guy starts saying stupid shit on the mic. So a 4th guy comes outta nowhere and levels that guy in to all our equipment. Then 2 other dudes pile on top.
Alls I know is there's beer all drenched in the keyboards, my mic stand is broken and there's a guy with a perpendicular ankle in the parking lot.
According to the security guards and manager the entirety of what I just explained above happened in a 2 minute and 30 second span.
1500+ shows in some of the shittiest seediest bars and I've never been in a fight and no one's ever broken our gear.
Well let's be honest there's lotsa stories as you might imagine over the years. But this is the most recent.

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