Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Van, my girl : Basement Tavern Friday : Ventura Saturday

Friday March 20th
Basement Tavern from 9pm-close
2640 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405
Full Band.

Saturday March 22nd
The Tavern, 211 E Santa Clara St. Ventura, CA 93006
8-close. Free!


Ol' Bessie, The Van, my girl.

I just got her out of the shop. So I took her out tonight. I ran her through her paces. She did good. She did real good.

We went out, just me & her. Up through the Sepulveda Pass to the 101 North. Lilted and lurched through a bit of traffic. Then smooth sailing. I wanted to really test her out. Get her ready for the boys this weekend through to the busier Summer travel months.

So I took her up in to the canyons and hills of Malibu. We were flyin'. She was ridin' smooth as ever. Like a dream.

Up Kanan Road. Riding like the wind.

& not even until we're on the way down does the same warning light turn on that's been coming on for 4 months on & off through countless phone calls, trips to the mechanic and thousands of dollars later. I turn the music off.

And I smell the heat coming off her. Real bad.

So I put her in neutral the rest of the way down the hill.

Headed South on PCH goin' 35MPH. 20 below the limit.
Cops, Ferrari's & drunks passing by with no bother.

Even though she was running real hot, I pushed to her limit out to our old favorite spot right on the beach there in Malibu. I could hear the waves crashing.

I had a couple tacos stowed away in case we got stuck. So I cozied up inside her and we had a little picnic.

And finally I look up and I see the most surreal enormous gorgeous moon just barely rising up over the city and dancing intricate choreography on the ocean. Glowing a big luscious orange until settling on a sublime yellow. And we enjoy our tacos, me & Ol' Bess. Relishing the moment.

She's cooled down by now so I drive us straight to the mechanic & leave 'em a note to take good care of her. And lemme know if we can salvage her.

As I'm waiting at the mechanic for the cab to come, a bum on her bike is riding in circles around us.
She asks me if I have any money. And I said no.
And then she asked if I was in that movie. And I said what movie. Then I looked down the street and saw there was a big movie filming. And I said no. But she didn't believe me. And she said what's your name? And I said paul. And she said paul what? And I said Paul Iamnotfamous. And she laughed and said I like that Paul. It's nice to meet you. And I said nice to meet you too, what's your name. And she said Delicious-- Delicious Iwish. And we stood there and laughed and we bumped fists. And then she rode her bike around in more circles. I hugged ole Bessie girl I once knew and am hoping for the best for her tomorrow. Ol' Bessie, Delicious Iwish and all of us.
Paul Iamnotfamous

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