Monday, February 9, 2015

The other guy with the cat shirt...

I went to a party at a friend's the other night and took a friend and a date. 
And then the date proceeded to get completely wasted and wanted to have sex immediately. So we just ditched the friend that we brought and went back to my place. A bit later he was talking to someone and they were asking him who knew there. And he was like the other guy with a cat shirt. And they were like what other guy with a cat shirt? And he was like there's only one other gentleman here sporting this fashion forward look. (Or something to that effect.) So they looked around and I was nowhere to be found. So he texted asking me where we were. And then I kept telling him we were on our way back, but we were just laying in bed laughing. He told me I'm jerk today. And then I blamed it all on my date. So she told him I could go suck a dick. And that's a real good story. 

Next show coming up:
February 20th,
Sassafras Saloon 1233 N. Vine St. Hollywood
10pm. Free

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