Thursday, July 2, 2015

Joshua Tree Note : Arroyo Grande, Fri : Buellton, Sat : Santa Barbara, Sun

Figueroa Mountain Brewery July 4th Weekend Tour

Friday, July 3rd -- Arroyo Grande
Figueroa Mountain Brewery. 1462 E. Grand Ave.
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
Free, just like America!

Saturday, July 4th -- Buellton
Figueroa Mountain Brewery, 45 Industrial Way
Buellton, CA 93427
Free, just like America!

Sunday, July 5th -- Santa Barbara
Figueroa Mountain Brewery, 137 Anacapa St, Suite F
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Free, just like America!

The band for this week is:
Drums: Rich Berardi
Bass: Jason Chesney
Guitar: Steve Tegel

Joshua Tree...
Best as I can tell, stars are the result of billions of years of energy traveling at light speed into an infinite, undulating, cacophonous, universal chandelier dangling tantalizingly, but intangibly and impossibly close.
While at the same time letting us know how insignificant and lucky we are in our limited capacities to perceive what we can of their selfless, undeniable beauty.
And reminding us of how truly microscopic we are in comparison.
But affording us hope.
That maybe someday, even if it's a billion years from now, our own light will somehow travel across the cosmos to touch someone or something in some way in some similarly positive capacity, if only a fraction as profound. So that we must emphatically keep on persevering.
And emanating and reflecting that light. The light that shines within us.
The light they so fastidiously shine upon us.
The light they ultimately, violently lived and dramatically exploded and died for so that we could in fact exist at all.
As their absolute genetic & spiritual offspring.
Because, as the scientists tell us, we are all made of stardust.
And that, I think, is pretty goddamned beautiful.
I tell you what.

Pics from last week...
Firefighters using Pappy & Harriet's parking lot as a staging ground for the Lake Fire
Back to the future. Berardi in front of the police checkpoint which was set up outside of Pappy's to ensure folks didn't get too close to the fire.
Pit stop at Henry's Bargains.
Scheideck Festival was goin' off!
Stopped in the wash to watch this epic sunset before heading home.

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