Thursday, July 14, 2016

I ain't seen a didjeridoo, but I did see a lotta Pokemons

Friday, July 15th
The Attic at the Victorian, 2640 Main St. 90405

G-Unit for this show is:
Bass: Jason Chesney
Guitar: Josh Norton
Keyboards: Jonny Niemann
Drums: Rich Berardi

Wednesday at the Piano Bar. Photo by Albanese

Sie Sie Benhoff rocking before us for Townhouse Tuesdays

I ain't seen no didgeridoo but I did see a lot of Pokemons...
After our show at the Townhouse on Tuesday, we were loading out amongst all the bums and freaks and drunks and drunk bum freaks and nerdy yet also drunk Snapchat employees.
Then all of the sudden some woman pops out of a crazy minivan packed to the hilt. She says in some kinda indiscernible foreign accent, Have you seen a man with a didgeridoo around here? It's very large in diameter.
And we laughed and were like, No sorry.
And she says, Well he's from France and I need to find him.
So we tried to help and asked some of the random assortment of humanity right there on Windward just under the world-famous Venice sign if they had seen him.
And this one dude all weathered and, according to my professional assessment, higher than a giraffe's pussy jumps up and exclaims...
I ain't seen no didgeridoo but I did see a lot of Pokemons.
I tell you what.

Other upcoming LA show of note:
July 24th at the Viper Room
More info here


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