Friday, February 10, 2017

Cook this fish, I'm thirsty...

Friday, February 10
Basement Tavern
2640 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405
Full Band


Saturday February 11
Figueroa Mtn. Brewing Company Westlake Village
, 30770 Russell Ranch Rd. 91362
We play from 8-11:00.

The band for both nights shows will be:
Keyboards: Jon Niemann
Bass: Steve Tegel

Friday willl feature...
Guitar: Dutch Suoninen
Drums: Mitch Marine

Saturday's drummer will be Matt Lesser

"Cook this fish, I'm thirsty" --PC hungover in Denton, TX in 2009

After our show last Saturday, Dutch thought it would be a good idea to go to his favorite after hours tranny bar downtown.

How do you think it ended up?

Well, I'll tell you, it was awesome.

Another great mistake brought to you by Dutch (trademark).

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