Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 Hecklers in 2 Songs Last Night.

I know I invite chaos and challenge the audience from time to time, but come on.

Heckler 1: I told that Jonas Brother looking mutherfucker if I had his $ I'd be heckling me too.

Heckler 2: is actually an actual Venice bum. After I finished "You Owe Me," he said, "That was good now, let's hear something original." I said "Actually that was original." I guess he was joking? You Owe Me. He says & thinks he's in U2. I'm not kidding. This wasn't our 1st run-in. Last week when he interrupted me mid-song to tell me that he is in fact in U2, I immediately stopped the song I was playing, took off my guitar and handed it to him. He put it on and stood there for a minute. Then took it off and never played a note. Oh Venice Beach. I love thee so.

Heckler 3 comes on stage and sings outta tune like a bum just like heckler 2. Yeah did I mention heckler 2 actually had the audacity to get on stage and start singing. It was bad. Afterwards heckler 3 says my songs are too good for my voice. He thinks that he should be singing my songs because "Bob couldn't sing either." Which one are you Sonny or Cher mutherfucker?

Anyways, peace and love throughout the galaxy.

Paul Chesne Band's Fan Box