Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Leslie & The Badgers & Other Friends On KCRW

I'm sexist.

If I hear a really good/great female songwriter, I'll like it more than I'll like a male of the same caliber.

One of my favorites, happens to be my friend Leslie Stevens of Leslie & The Badgers. We've played a bunch of shows with them.

I've actually been playing shows with her since she was in Ze Auto Parts. A really loud punk band that used to play at the Kibitz Room almost as much as me.

Ze Auto Parts at the Kibitz Room on January 6, 2004.

Now Leslie does quieter music. Her latest album is getting all kinds of critical acclaim. They are Morning Becomes Eclectic's song of the day and you can download it free here:

A couple months ago some other good friends of mine, Rosey and Ireesh of Lal Meri, were featured on the same program, Morning Becomes Eclectic. Last week Rosey and I jammed until dawn with Willie Chambers and a whole host of other superstars.

Check their performance on MBE out here:

And finally the oldest friend of mine I will now be mentioning in the female singer/songwriter kicking ass realm is Juliette Commagere. (Don't forget, I've already written about Holland Greco, The Webb Sisters and The Dahl Sisters). I've known Juliette and her man Joachim Cooder since they were in a band called Speakeasy in high school. I saw them play at Fais Do Do in 1992! The bass player at that point was Bradford Craig who ended up being my bass player about 12 years later for a spell. Since Speakeasy which featured Joachim's dad Ry Cooder on guitar, Juliette & Joachim started Vagenius.

Here they are performing at Spaceland on February 3rd, 2004.

And then due to some legal conflict they changed their name to Hello Stranger. Now she's gone solo and finally been embraced by Morning Becomes Enigmatic. Check their performance on MBE out here:

Well now you've got the tip of the iceberg's worth of great chick singers to enjoy recommended by your friendly neighborhood sexist.

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