Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters, Brothers & Sisters,

I sense a certain distress in the world these days.
Animals and humans alike. Friends... loved ones... The population and the very planet itself.

Let us excise the cancer.
Exorcise the demons.
Open up our hearts.
Cash out.
Walk away.
Whatever it takes.
Galvanize around each other. Around the future. It may look dire. It may look like we're going nowhere. Or worse, backwards.
Let this be the time, when in ten years, we look back and we remember the crossroads of today. Wherever we were. Wherever we find ourselves.
It could be the bottom of the barrel. A stagnation.
Or for all we know. These could be the salad days.
In that case, Relish. Revitalize. Resuscitate. Take it all in. Breathe deep.
Once and for all. Take the wheel, take the reigns. Take your finger off the trigger. Or just take everything and blow it the fuck up. Start from scratch. Only so that we can painstakingly, puzzle piece by puzzle piece, put it all back together. With each other in mind. All connected and absent the negativity. Lay down our arms. And open our hearts.

Let us open our hearts brothers and sisters.

Brothers and Sisters. Now is the time. Seize it with me now. Let us move forward in to a better tomorrow. And finish today off right.

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