Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PCB Bandanas! : Pappy & Harriet's Friday & O'Brien's Pub Saturday

Get your PCB Bandanas at our shows or you can purchase online here.

Friday November 23rd
Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace

Our annual post-Thanksgiving party.
Free & all ages!

Saturday November 24th
O'Brien's Pub, 2941 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405
Free. 21+

Our drummer Rich is back from helping clean up his family home in Seaside Heights, New Jersey the last couple weeks. Still a lotta work to do, but it'll be good to have him back. We had a great time playing with Denny Weston, Jr. and Travis Popichak in his stead on drums the last few weeks.

And our old buddy the infamous Dutch is filling for our regular guitarist Josh Norton who's gone back East to visit his family for the holiday weekend.

Gettin' the band back together, again!

Come say hi or heckle or join the party or all three.

Happy Thanksgiving!

gobble gobble.

Last week's lineup at the Basement. (L-R) Niemann, Denny Weston, Jr., PC, Stephen Tegel, Emperor Joshua Norton
PCB Bandanas! They are for sale at our shows or I can mail ya one.
Basement band from last week with some new friends.
This week's band lineup in a pic from 9/20/11 at the Peninsula Hotel. L-R: Dutch, Niems, Berardi, Chez, Mississippi Steve


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Laikabear said...

Wow, excited to see Dutch at the O'Brien's gig! I haven't seen you guys in a while so pretty serendipitous he'll be here for the weekend. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

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