Monday, April 7, 2014

Album Review by noted songwriter David Serby

Paul Chesne’s Downright Up & Left is a Superfly barfly, lining up flaming Molotov Cocktails in a speak(gr)easy, downing one after the other for guts, gusto, and glory, before loading himself into a Rock-n-Roll Circus Cannon, lighting his boot heels on fire, screaming, “WE WILL ALL DIE OLD!” (in Open-All-Night-Years) and shooting himself into a big broken heart, all in an attempt to impress the dark and tender tragic tabby in the corner booth who is just going to take him back to his offline Econoline and screw him (over) good.
If you’re a long haul rocker, drunk tank roller, hung over lover this record was made for YOU!

Our album is now available digitally on:
Our website
if you prefer a CD they're for sale here
& at our next show:
Wednesday April 9th
The Edison, 108 W 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 90012
No cover. Dress code enforced: Men should wear dress shoes and collared shirts.

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