Thursday, April 10, 2014

My friend dreamt I was Jesus...

"i had maybe one of the weirdest dreams i've had this morning. i was walking through la with an old childhood friend. we were super tired and hungover and went into a liquor store. we got stopped by the police because the clerk wasn't wearing her uniform. then we realized we were in a very very mexican part of la. there were adobe houses and music playing everywhere. there were children decorating coffins for the upcoming easter parade. we took a turn down another street that became even more out of a desolate mexican town from the past. walking through the town we could see that there was going to be some sort of stations of the cross presentation. then, when we got to the town square we saw a huge wood post a few stories high and a man that was supposed to represent jesus swinging over all the people. we had to duck a few times due to how close overhead he was. once we stood back up we noticed that the jesus had been brought to the ground and was naked. we walked closer to the jesus, he turned around and it was you. you had black long pubic hair like this old mexican woman i waxed last week. and what we had thought was painted on blood when you were swinging was actually notes people had written on you in black and red ink. one said for a good time call maricel followed by a phone number. amidst all the writing you had a black letter j followed by a period on your back and informed me that was your now very real actual tattoo. then you said i could write something on you, so i thought ok. took a marker and wrote "Jesus is inside me, make me cum, and he will be inside you. and you shall be saved." we all laughed. Then I woke up. the end."

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