Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dutch & Steve are playing with us at the Iron Door Saloon this weekend : Recidivism

Some may say that rock n' roll is a battle of attrition.
But I have to say the recidivism rate is quite high in the PCB.
We're gonna have a PCB reunion weekend getting on each others' nerves and busting it out on stage just like old times.
I can't wait.

Recidivism (/rɨˈsɪdɨvɪzəm/; from recidive and ism, from Latin recidīvus "recurring", from re- "back" and cadō "I fall") is the act of a person repeating an undesirable behavior after he/she has either experienced negative consequences of that behavior, or has been treated or trained to extinguish that behavior. It is also used to refer to the percentage of former prisoners who are rearrested for a similar offense.
Welcome back!

Friday and Saturday August 1st & 2nd
Iron Door Saloon, 18761 Main St. Groveland, CA 95321
It's the oldest saloon in California started "sometime before 1852."
9-close, free!


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