Monday, October 6, 2014

Last night at the Whaler

This drunk chick requested Suspicious Minds about 18 times at our show last night. Sometimes, I tell these people to fuck off. That we don’t do requests. And sometimes we don’t do requests. But the atmosphere was beach party fun times. And I was in a particularly giving mood. So I played it after about the 4th time she requested it. She loudly sang along and danced jubilantly. Undaunted, she continued to request it 14 more times. She apparently didn't remember that we had just played it.
A few minutes later, her friend requested I play an Elvis song. I was like well I just did Suspicious Minds!
From the beginning, she and her friend kept on requesting I do some Paul Simon. Anything by Paul Simon. The chick's name was Kathy. I played fucking “Kathy's Song.” And she yelled oh this is MY song. She blissfully sang along with a big smile on her face.
10 minutes later we took a break and she requested Paul Simon. I said, not only did I play Paul Simon, but I played the one song with your name in it! She said oh yeah, but can you do one more Paul Simon please. So I butchered Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard.
But they still wouldn't stop with the Elvis requests. Everyone was dancing. Girls were grinding up against each other. It was borderline pornographic.
So for the last song we closed with That's Alright Mama. After we were done, the Paul Simon Kathy girl came up to me and thanked me for playing Paul Simon, but angry that we didn't play any Elvis.

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