Tuesday, October 21, 2014

So, I'm the asshole

So, I'm the asshole.
This person was at our show on Sunday.
And I saw him with a pencil there taking notes on the band before us.
Someone got a peek at what he was writing and it was critiques of each band member and the songs.
After careful consideration, we decided that he was a big time talent buyer.
My impulse was to rebel. And yell swear words.
But we just did our thing as best we could at this beautiful winery up there in the mountains around Paso Robles. Kind of in the middle of nowhere. A scenic nowhere nonetheless.
After we were done playing, we conspired to distract him and try to see his notes on us.
I got my camera phone ready. We worked up a whole ruse involving our friend's children and many other lies.
As soon as we started talking to him we realized he was like 12 years old.
Then he told us the notes he was taking were for a class at school. About live music. He was doing his homework which was to go see live music. This is the reason why our country is going to shit.
Him & his parents said there were no notes they could write about us except that they wholeheartedly enjoyed it. And we were really good.
So, I'm the asshole. (I think this will be the title of my autobiography.)

Also, on Saturday we're playing at Pacific Palisades Highlands Plaza from 11am-2pm.
514 Palisades Dr. Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

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