Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Green Day Visits The Kibitz : Tonight At The Basement Tavern

Thursday June 18th,
Basement Tavern, 2640 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405

Full Band.

Green Day Story...

Back in May of 2004, Green Day was recording American Idiot right up the street from the Kibitz Room on Fairfax.
We had a residency and we played there every Thursday for quite some time. About 150-200 shows.
The first week, after they're done recording, the bass player, Mike Dirnt, shows up and digs it.
2nd week he brings the entire studio crew, including the band and engineers and producer. And they got us hammered.
I was wearing a tuxedo and their drummer, Tre Cool, had brought so many Budweisers on stage, I couldn't even drink anymore. So I just poured a couple over my head. Full tux & all.
We started really late that night. And I got drunk as fuck. You see, I had mis-timed my buzz by like 45 minutes.
But they hung around until like 2:30am. We shot the shit and joked around for hours. They told me they were jealous of me. And that they wanted to play a dive bar like that again. I offered to to switch places if even for a day.
I didn't know they wanted to play during our set, but as soon as I found out they did, I went and talked to the band after us & was like "Yo! You gotta let these guys play a few songs. This could be a historic night." Everyone in the bar wanted it to happen.
I can't say I'm the biggest Green Day fan, but it would have been awesome. If I had known they wanted to play during our set, we would have given them our instruments without question and said "Go!" But I didn't know until after we were done and the guy from the band after us, who has now of course broken up said "No."
That was pretty lame.
So the next day my drummer, the great Mitch Marine, calls me and tells me that I really fucked up by getting so drunk in front of Green Day. He was embarrassed and questioned my professionalism.
I was really hard on myself that week. And completely agreed.
But then, the next Thursday, they all showed up again. I apologized for being too drunk. And they said "Fuck no. You guys are awesome!"
I just watched them get inducted into the R&R Hall Of Fame. And it reminded me of those times.
I tell you what.

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