Monday, February 8, 2016

Celebrating David Bowie Tonight at The Roxy

I'm proud (and also a lil bit nervous) to be performing a song tonight at the sold out Roxy Theatre for this event Celebrating David Bowie with lots of his long time band mates, movie star celebrities, musical heroes of mine and great friends. 
Rehearsal was amazing last night!

As I mentioned before, the show is sold out, but you can live stream it here starting at 8pm PST!

Here are some of the players involved...

w/Scrote, Tim Lefebvre, Lyle Workman, Eric Schermerhorn, The Section Quartet, David Ryan Harris, Holly Palmer, Joe Sumner, Carina Round, Dorian Holley, Joel Shearer, Blair Sinta, Gary Novak, Nayanna Holley, Paul Bushnell, Jebin Bruni, Zac Rae, Ron Dziubla, John Gold, Paul Chesne, John Beasley, Louis Cole, Brett Hool, Jordan Katz, Josh Smith, Scott Bennett, Adam Zimmon, Mahsa Zargaran, Jeremy Little, Matt Rohde, Joshua Lopez, Dave Ralicke, James King, Jeff Babko, Brett Farkas, Jonathan Clark, Rob Shirakbari, Princess Frank, Celia Chavez, Kat Dyson, Mike Klooster, Jamila Ford, Dave Schulz, Alex Painter, Abe Rounds, Rachel Eckroth, Chris Bautista, Davey Chegwidden, Genevieve Bahama, Marcus Wolf, Simon Petty, Emily Zuzik, Michael Jerome, Paul Jensen, and others to be announced soon.

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