Sunday, February 14, 2016

We have a crazy show tonight : Billboard Write-up : Bad Old Boys Band Reunion : Love is in the air

Tonight, February 14th/15th
The Overpass, 303 East 5th St. LA 90004
We go on at 2:45am! It's actually Monday morning and we play as long as we want.
It's a crazy after hours.
Come on down and make some bad decisions with us!
It's free, just tell them you're there to see us. It gets packed believe it or not. What do those people do for a living?!
Bass: Steve Tegel
Guitar: Dutcheroo
Drums: Travis Popichak (Sp?)

Billboard Article

"Lesser-known performers made up the bulk of the evening: guitarist Josh Smith shredded his way through "Let's Dance" and "China Girl," and workaholic local musician Paul Chesne started nervous during "Jean Genie" before nailing the vocal and getting into a guitar-noise battle with Bundini at the end of the song, garnering one of the night's biggest cheers."

And here is the video of my performance...

Make fun of me!

We are your Valentine's.

Ke$ha played there 2 weeks ago and it was in People Magazines.

So you might wanna avoid it.

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