Friday, February 19, 2010

Sat: Stronghold with Old Californio -- Sun: R Bar with The Dough Rollers

Saturday is the last night of our residency at ye ole Stronghold upstairs rock n' roll church and Dental Academy.

Also playing will be the formidable Old Californio. When we played with them the first time, Paxton looked at me and said "You wanna go on after that?" We have a limited $5 discount list. Otherwise it's $10.

9:30 to late.

Also R Bar in Koreatown on Sunday. Me and Dutch acoustic. The Dough Rollers, a phenomenal old timey string band. Our old buddy Soren Gray and other special guests. 9 til bedtime.

Password is "Jack Rabbit." Free!

String theory. Chaos theory. Music theory. Gravity. Relativity. Evolution. Democracy. Plate Tectonics. All will be tested tomorrow night at the Stranglehold. Not all of them will hold up. Something's gotta give.

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