Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stronghold Saturday : Lindsay Lohan Threw Ice At Me : Steve's Birthday

Stronghold residency continues this Saturday.

9:30pm: My brother, Bennett Chesne, is playing! For the second time in like 20 years. He taught me everything I know. He is a crazy genius. He's coming out of his cave. He asks that you don't tell the credit card companies. But I ask that you come on down and check him out.

10pm: The Dahls. Our sometimes back up singers and the masterminds behind our videos and band portraits, Caitlin & Melinda Dahl, are doing their own thing. And it's pretty rad.
We'll go on about 10:30.

And then Chambers Brothers ridiculousness. And some other big band is coming late night after their Troubadour show to jam after that.

Lindsay Lohan story:

During a song at the end of our show on Saturday, I was going around the room calling the opening band, various friends I could see and name all bad mutherfuckers, and then I was like Lindsay Lohans is a bad MF and then a couple seconds later I see this piece of ice flying across the room and it hits my guitar. I look to see who threw it and there she was at the back laughing. If it had been anyone else, I woulda gone out there and kicked their ass. Anyways after the show, I talked to her for a minute and she said that we were “fucking amazing.” Do you care? Do I care? More than I probably should. ;o) We've really made it. To the the bottom of the barrel of American culture. No surprise at that accomplishment.

Also it's our bass player Steve's birthday as of midnight (Valentine's Day). That means if you're his friend you better be there or you should feel guilty about it.

MSG me for $5 list or it's $10. Oh yeah and we're doing a bunch of new material. We've actually been rehearsing and working hard not on stage for once.

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